Experts in trading since 1999 

Since HMG business was set up in 1999 by Helen McGee as HMG Agri Quota we have traded thousands of Entitlements nationwide.

We provide a service were a farmer can Buy/Sell or Lease in/Lease out their entitlements depending on their requirements.

The business is now run by John McGee McGee Auctioneers and has expanded substantially over the years due to the efficiency and integrity which we pride ourselves in.

We feel in this time period we have built up a high level of experience in transferring and advising farmers on how best to trade up their Entitlements.

When Helen first started trading in 1999 it was known as quota which was directly drawn on the animal Eg. Sheep Suckler Cow and Milk Production. 

In 2005 the system reverted to entitlements (Single Farm Payment) which was drawn down on the land. The Single Farm Payment was replaced by the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and the Greening Payment in 2015.

There are many reasons why a farmer would want to Buy/Sell Lease in/Lease out Entitlements.

We at HMG would recommend that all farmers consult with their Agri advisers in order to maximize their payments and make sure that they meet all current criteria in order to draw down their payments and not to forfeit their Entitlements to the national reserve.

We at HMG specialize in the trading and currently have many orders from farmers looking to buy or lease in BPS entitlements for 2022.

Please click on the Contact tab to discuss your requirements for BPS Entitlements in 2022.