HMG Business was set up in 1999 as HMG Agri Quota by Helen McGee and since then has established itself as the leading entitlement trading business in the country.

The business is now run by her son John McGee McGee Auctioneers and has expanded substantially over the years due to the efficiency and integrity which we pride ourselves in.

We at HMG originally traded in Quota which was a direct subsidy on the animal. This payment changed in 2005 to Single Farm Payment Entitlements and was in place until 2014.

Where the previous scheme was drawn down on the Animal the Single Farm Payment required a hectare of land for every entitlement drawn down.

The new Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements (BPS) replaced the Single Farm Payment Entitlements in 2015 and was due to run to 2019. It has been extended and now includes 2022.

2015 was the first year of the Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements were all farmers had to establish their entitlements.

From 2016 onwards the new Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements were transferable by way of sale or lease

The big change in transferring in 2016 was that entitlements could be leased with or without land.

This was the major change in transferring compared to the previous single farm payment scheme were entitlements were not transferable by way of lease without land. 

This was the most popular way of trading in 2016 as any farmer who did trade their Entitlements not attached to a land sale was subject to a 50% claw back to the National reserve.

The Department changed the claw back in 2017/2021 to 20% on the sale of Entitlements without land and this resulted in a lot more trades taken place, the claw back of 20% remains in place for 2022. 

If you are interested in trading your Entitlements by way of sale or lease please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are many reasons why a farmer would want to Buy/Sell Lease in/Lease out Entitlements and we at HMG would recommend that all farmers consult with their Agri advisers in order to maximize their payments.

 It is very important that all farmers are aware of changes in the new scheme and meet all current criteria set down by the Department of Agriculture in this in order to draw down their payments.

An example of this is any Entitlements that are not activated in a two year period will be lost to the national reserve. 

Where before in previous schemes entitlements could be rolled over from year to year this is now not possible under new guidelines laid out by the Department.

These entitlements must now be leased out to active farmers or sold in order not to forfeit them to the National reserve.

We at HMG specialize in the trade of Entitlements and currently have many orders from farmers looking to buy or lease in BPS entitlements for 2022.

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